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Basket options

3x12 Khachin Basket

Patented design basket embracing the “netting effect” and allows you to catch and secure any sized stone for extraction at first attempt. Effective alternative for Dormia basket.

Tipless Dormia Basket

Modification of the classical Dormia basket. The tipless design minimizes trauma risk and allows you to manipulate the stone directly at calyx base.

3x6 Khachin Basket

Reduced number and increased diameter of wires enhance the radial force, allows you to fully open basket in the ureter. Applied in cases of capturing and extracting average and large stones.

4x8 Khachin Basket

Embraces transient properties of both 3x12 and 3x6 baskets.

Dormia Basket


Registered classical designed baskets, patentedin 1957, E. Dormia is used up to now.  The breakthrough was in 1991 when the innovative bioelastic nitinol basket was produced. 

Tailor-made basket could include n-wires.

Lateral Basket

Highly-sophisticated basket. Changes the size of the catching wire area and transforms the net-like segment from the distal surface to the lateral and then into the catheter.

 As a result, different sized and shaped stones are entrapped, and, if necessary, can be easily removed from the basket.

Frontal Basket

Applicable for frontal entrapment of stone, when it is impossible to introduce the catheter.  It has the ability to "swallow" the stone into the basket. Stones are easily removed from the basket.

 5-petal Frontal Basket makes it possible to “swallow” and entrap tiny stones.

Tulip Basket

Applicable for frontal capture of stone, in case when it is impossible to introduce the catheter. A high number of petals and small wire diameter entangles and securely grasps the stone during extraction.

 Stones are easily removed from the basket.

Basket “Dipper”

Prevents retrograde migration; entrapping and extracting small stone fragments during lithotripsy. Stones are easily removed from the basket.

4x16 Khachin “hollow” Basket

Specific feature -interlacing wires on distal surface forming a basket with maximum radial force.

4x16 Khachin Basket

Special basket in a form of a parachute. Applicable in catching and extracting small stone fragments. No tip allows opening basket at calyx base and entrapping the stone without trauma and perforation.

  • Catheter options: plastic with reinforced metallic net
  • Length, mm: 400
  • Removable manipulator handle
  • For multiple use
  • May have an forceps aperture

Depending on the purpose and personal preferences, extractors can be ordered in any configuration of the basket and catheter