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4x8 Khachin Basket

Side view

Side view 4x8 Khachin Basket

Top view

Top view 4x8 Khachin Basket
  • 8 wire -design distal surface
  • 4 wire-design on proximal surface
  • tipless, tip

Embraces transient properties of both 3x12 and 3x6 baskets.

  • Basket diameter, mm: 15; 20; 30
  • Catheter diameter, Fr: 5.0; 6.0; 7.0; 10.0
  • Catheter length, mm: 400
  • Catheter material: plastic rigid catheter

Distal Tip Options

Distal tip 4x8 Khachin Basket


Without distal tip 4x8 Khachin Basket