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3x6 Khachin Basket

Side view

Side view 3x6 Khachin Basket

Top view

Top view 3x6 Khachin Basket
  • 6 wire-design distal surface
  • 3 wire-design on proximal surface
  • tipless, tip, guide

Reduced number and increased diameter of wires enhance the radial force, allows you to fully open basket in the ureter. Applied in cases of capturing and extracting average and large stones.

  • Basket diameter, mm: 15; 20
  • Catheter diameter, Fr: 2.4; 2.7; 3.0; 3.5; 4.0; 5.0
  • Catheter length, mm: 700; 1050
  • Catheter material: plastic, metallic

Distal Tip Options

Distal tip 3x6 Khachin Basket


Without distal tip 3x6 Khachin Basket


with guide 3x6 Khachin Basket